A portrait of the Wheeler family

Summer Dreams

In Uncategorized on May 6, 2011 at 7:25 pm

The idea for this blog is to update people on the progress of a film that I am making this summer. It’s a three part experimental documentary about the Wheeler family. I started the film in the fall of 201o. The first part explores the various things that my family collects. The second part will show the struggles my family has in calling people the right name and the third part will be about growing up and working at The Hotchkiss School. This film is special to me because it’s about my family and I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. I plan on doing everything by hand from shooting on film to cutting my own negatives. I want to invite everyone to see every step of the process. From re-photographing old home movies, to finding old photos and making new discoveries about the Wheelers, I plan on highlighting all the goings on. I want to teach people ways they can make their own films as well.



Me, 4 years old. First day of Kindergarten

First day of Kindergarten.

  1. This project sounds really exciting, Erica! Can’t wait to see/hear about how it progresses! Let me know if you ever need an extra hand 🙂

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