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Timing Was Good To Me

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2011 at 8:17 pm

Have you ever felt like time was running out? If you didn’t do something or learn how to do something, that the whole practice of it and the whole philosophy behind it would be gone forever? To me, filmmakers are a dying breed. Along with the film camera repair people, film projectionists and film labbies. It’s kind of like that article about two of the last standing members of a primitive tribe that won’t have their language transcribed to be saved. When they die, the language dies with it. In recent film news, the manufacturer of the optical printer (a piece of equipment I enjoying learning about and using) retired last summer and the Rocky Mountain Films lab recently stopped processing Kodak Kodachrome film last December. Without the older generation of people teaching the young generation how to fix film equipment and process film, those old techniques will be lost. Bummer.


JK Optical Printer, Emerson College Spring 2011


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