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Mama Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2011 at 5:07 pm

For those of you who don’t know anything about film stocks, Kodachrome was one of the first color reversal film stocks that Kodak invented. Unlike negative film, the film came back from the lab as a positive image and ready for projection. It had a long saturated run from 1935 until the very last roll was processed at Dwayne’s Photo lab in December 2010. You can read more about the last roll’s journey in an article published by the New York Times here. Since Kodachrome can no longer be processed, I ran into a little bit of a predicament. My Aunt Trudy who shot home movies in the 70s with her consumer super 8 camera did not process her last roll. I figured I might be able to help her out if I could figure out how to process it and then maybe use it in my movie. My teacher Kathryn Ramey told me to contact Martin Baumgarten who runs an esoteric film processing lab in Plattsburg, NY. He was super helpful and gave me the instructions to process the color film as a black and white negative. For the sake of saving whatever image there may be on the film, I may just pay the comparatively cheap price of $38 to have him process it and put it on a DVD. Maybe if I buy expired Kodachrome in the future, I could risk it.

Kodachrome Poster; Cinelab in Fall River, MA; April 2011



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